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Nature,technology,tradition and future

Construction System with Wooden Voxel

Stratford Cloud (2010)

Platform for the formless organization

Stratford Cloud is the platform for the formless organization of both global and local forces to enforce multiple and dynamic programes in time and spaces.

Stratford Cloud is the flexible space structure to aggregate single wooden brick units, and it will allow feasible modifications, keeping a certain level of structural stability.

Stratford Cloud is the undetermined structure constructed with local rules interactions, therefore there is no place with the same organization.

Stratford Cloud is the complicated and deep structure with different levels of natural lights and shadows like forests or underwater.

Stratford Cloud is the ultimate structure to involve the local community to support the constructions and future maintenances and to utilize thinned woods.

  • Client: Stratford Kiosk competition
  • Program: kiosk
  • Area: 250sqm
  • Site: London
  • Voxelized Envelope
  • Stratford Cloud consists of 12 different components.
  • Porous Interior Space
  • Exterior with Plants & Flowers